US Penal System

Reading an article on the opinion page on about the Rockefeller laws in New York. These laws are for drug use and distribution, mostly just putting more people behind bars. These types of things are symptoms of a continued attitude in the United States. Instead of fixing the cause we are trying to fix the effect. For example, if a company is dumping chemicals up stream, instead of finding a way to stop the company from dumping the chemicals we just filter the water down the stream. This is not fixing a problem at all. Lipstick on a Pig.

As for the drug laws, all they are there for is to vilify a certain class of people in order to make it ok to jail them up. I don’t necessarily agree with the culture, but they are just people trying to get by in the ever more desperate country we live in. Maybe if we stop trying to jail everyone up for things and focused on what is actually causing people to turn to certain things we would be able to have a free-er society.


Maybe instead of locking up delinquent child support people, we have them get jobs and pay them a decent wage so they can afford to live and pay. Yeah some of them still won’t pay, but that is the choice we humans are given. Maybe at that point a punishment should be imposed. I guess bottom line is i see so much money wasted on prisons and keeping people locked up for mundane offenses. Maybe just maybe if we devoted some of that money to investing in an infrastructure like, Education, Rehabilitation, Health Care we wouldn’t have such a hopeless gap between the haves and the havenots. In turn, creating a more collective society.