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I am very, very excited to announce:
Next Friday (11/21) afternoon the creators of the Processing language, Ben Fry, Casey Reas, as well as some other leading Processing developers (Dan Shiffman, Andres Colubri  and Julio Obelleiro) will be joining me to present Processing to the Miami community. The presentation will include what Processing is, what it does and where it’s going. The latter point is especially relevant as Miami has become the launch site for version 1.0 of the software. Through generous funding from AIMS, Miami is hosting 6 Processing summits this year (4 on the Oxford campus)–this event being part of the 2nd summit–to build, plan and launch the future of Processing. The launch of Processing 1.0 will be  a major achievement in the digital arts world that will literally impact digital arts curricula around the globe, as well as professional digital arts practice–including at leading design, communications, architectural, etc studios. Processing, during its alpha and beta release stages, has already been recognized with the Golden Nica, the top award (from Ars Electronica) in the digital arts. It is also being taught globally and featured prominently in major international art venues, such as the recent Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition at MOMA, NYC. I urge all arts faculty to encourage students to attend this event, and I hope to see many of you in attendance as well.

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Event details:
Processing Presentation

·         When:  Friday, November 21, 2008 – 4:30pm

·        Where:  336 Shriver Center

Ira Greenberg
Associate Professor
Interactive Media Studies | Art

Computer Science & Systems Analysis

Miami University

Processing: Creative coding and Computational Art

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