An Artist, A Physicist, and A Mathematician walk into a bar…

What do all these people have in common?? Well quite a lot. I got to thinking about their similar predicaments after reading an article in the NY Times today called Dark, Perhaps Forever. So these days physicists are looking for what makes up the extra 74 percent of the cosmos, 4 percent being atoms and 22 percent being “dark matter”. 

Paragraph after paragraph seems to rattle on about the same problem – They have no idea what they are looking for – but in true Derrida form they can rule out what it isn’t. It is not Einstein’s cosmological constant. I often find myself, an artist, wandering down a path that I’m not sure where it’s going but i stay along for the ride because it’s the only way to get there.

I tend to get flack for working this way, starting off with something and playing until it takes me somewhere. Professors don’t like this a whole lot most of the time. I don’t know is a perfectly acceptable answer for me, because if i am attentive to what I am doing and how things are unfolding the eventually I might know. 

So, what do an Artist, a Physicist, and a Mathematician have in common?? They are all comfortable with not knowing at that moment, and having trust in the fact that if they continue their journeys they might end up finding out what they were searching for.