A misconception of public service

Now after reading this. An opinion of Obama’s speech to Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn. about how Obama left out serving your country by joining the military. Well yes that is a public service. Here is a good mark of a political candidate – he knew his audience. He knew that that is something that they don’t want to hear that. He knows about time and place, one thing our current president doesn’t know about; him being a good ‘ol boy and all. 

Back to public service though, it is far more important to serve your community on a local level, than try to change things globally. That is what my generation doesn’t understand, that and anything outside of themselves. Helping in an organization that isn’t centered about them is what they need to do, to understand how communities evolve and operate, so that they are better adjusted to fitting into one, and not being isolated in their own world.