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A funny thingĀ happenedĀ to me the other wednesday, when i was laying around on my couch watching tv on hulu. I realized how much of consumers we are, especially in this country, and when people think of consumption they usually refer to things you can buy, but when i say it it is anything that you use, that you consume; tv, air, food, community etc.. I often wonder if my balance sheet for consuming and ,i guess for lack of a better term now, distributing is ever balanced. Are the things that i take form this world equal to the things that i give back?? Maybe its not taking and giving the same thing, but if there was a way to gauge how that meter globally was looking like then maybe we would have a lot of the problems that we have. I think the first step is to get away from such a me-centric society in the here United States, and look at how choices affect everybody.