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Why artists need to be craftsmen

 I caught an article on Guardian.co.uk about how CGI isn’t the technology that will make movies better. If any one has seen the Star Wars prequels we all know how those looked, quite stunning. The problem with those movies was the utter lack of character development. I guess it’s not fair to use that as a comparison though. If you had seen the original Star Wars (episode 4, 5, and 6) when they came out, or even as a kid in their original form, then seen them later after they had been re-mastered the extra effect did nothing to add to the story or the encapsulation the adventure gave the first time around.

This is also true in art. Today too many people get away with shitty art claiming that its “conceptual”. Well even if its conceptual it still needs to be made well and relate to an audience. CGI and Conceptual art do the same thing; they allow the audience’s mind to stay in the movie theatre/gallery. Instead we should be making amazing things with our hands leaving people thinking “How did they do that”, otherwise we are just fakes.

Don’t get me wrong craft isn’t what the piece has to be about, but the piece should be made well enough that there isn’t any question about whether or not the artist just chose the easy route. We aren’t in this to find the easiest way to convey a message. We are in this field to make things with our hands, and become something greater, and to find the best way to share our ideas and ourselves with the world.

Concept isn’t everything, it is only a piece of what an artwork is about. Along with movies CGI/Concept should never be paramount in a piece because then focus is lost and the discovery is in the process.