Thank You…..

Thank you everyone that came to the reception last Thursday. We appreciated everyone taking time out of their busy week to come check out our installation. It seemed that the show was well received by everyone, and everyone enjoyed the experience. I personally got a kick from everyone asking what was in the reflecting pools. […]

The Show….

So the show will be up and ready for viewing tomorrow, Monday April 27th. The reception is Thursday from 4:30pm to 6pm. We have been working hard all week in order to get this stuff ready for everyone to experience. Ok, so I think that everyone is a little confused about what is going on […]

Twitter, Pizza Hut, Internship

I picked up email today and my father, Gerard McLean, with a link to a New York Times article talking about how there are hiring people to twitter for a summer internship. Naturally as a twenty something geny-er into this web 2.0 thingy I went to apply. I visit and find the apply link […]

Community Easter egg hunt for the new generation….

I had a show in late November, in which, I made around 170 porcelain bottles and aligned them like the picture above. I haven’t known what to do with them, right now they are just sitting in boxes with no one appreciating them. A few days ago I came up with and idea!!!! This idea […]

Another Twitter Mashup… But this time with Processing and Helvetica

Twitter/Helvetica/Processing Mashup a.k.a Twartistatment from christian mclean on Vimeo. For my upcoming collaborative show at Miami University, I wanted to do something other than just have a comment book. Because of the nature of what we are doing with technology in the form of installation and involving the user in the environment, and because I […]

Hot off the critique floor..

Here I have a video courtesy of Mr. Geoff Riggle. We set this installation up for a graduate critique last night. This is the first time that we have been able to get a half-way decent installation of this piece. We have been working with the arduino hardware, and ceramic materials, mainly ceramic fire brick, […]

What if terroists twittered

Ok I admit, the title is a little misleading, but I was going for shock and awe. But I recently saw Salmon Rushdie speak at Miami University, in Oxfod Ohio. The speech was well composed, full of cracks of conservative cracks and some godless comment, which definatly increased the tension in the room. He talked […]

More sound Iterations

Sound Creatures from christian mclean on Vimeo.   Ok everybody, finally got the creature wrapped up in its own class, and spawning and dying. Needs a little adjustments, but the next step is to get it working on multiple screens across a space creating an environment for these guys to live. Hop you like. 🙂

New Print from my drawing program

I have been dealing with a visualization of sound for a while. This one here is an image of what an hour at Kofenya, my local coffee shop, looks like. I adapted the pillbug sketch to “record” the sounds of life around me. What is happening here is that about 50 “chains” (stings of drawn […]