Crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s.

Miami University
I have recently tried to graduate from college. The only requirement I have left to fill is a US Cultures requirement for Gen Ed. I was never able to take this class, one because of miscommunication with my advisor of the time and two because I switched degrees halfway through. To solve this problem I looked through my unused classes and found a class based around the history of the American (US – remember this because it come back later) school system. So I submitted the petition pretty sure that I would be able to graduate, and waited for the letter in the mail over winter break.

Well the letter never came, not because they didn’t send the letter but because the incorrectly transcribed the street. Instead of ‘Morning Sun rd’ they wrote it as “Morningsun rd” thoroughly confounding the Post Office (surprise!!!). After my parents getting a letter saying that my degree requirements were not met I called the Office of Liberal Education, it took about 15 minutes searching on Miami University’s website (which is built on tables), to find out that it was denied. I asked if they could just email me the letter instead of sending it snail mail again, and they did.

Upon receiving the email it stated:

“Your Miami Plan petition has been reviewed. The petition, to substitute EDL
204, Sociocultures in Education, for the Foundation IIIA US Cultures
requirement, has been denied. It was noted that this course is a Miami Plan
Humanities course, not a World Cultures course.”

Of course it doesn’t qualify for a World Cultures course. I NEVER wanted it to qualify for a World Cultures Course!!! Wait, but before that its says that they are counting it for a Foundation IIIA US Cultures
requirement which one is it!?!?!?

If there would have been a system for this, where I could submit a petition online and selected the category in which I wanted the class I took to count, then sent emails to my advisor and Chief Departmental Advisor for the class where they could login and electronically sign the petition all of this would be avoided, and not to mention saved the university a whole lot of paper shuffling.

Miami got most of the things right, as do most people, but if the University would have proofread what they sent me then my confusion and aggravation could have been avoided. And design systems where the human factor of error is a small as possible, but not sacrificing the human element.