Little bit of inspiration.

We all have our morning routines, Mine starts out with COFFEE because without coffee i am useless. After the caffeine kicks in i usually make a round of my favorite blogs and news site to see whats going on in the world. I hit some of the big ones like and and the, and if i had tv i would watch FOX news, just so that way i could be fair and balanced, but i also check out more individually interesting sites.

For Instance designklub and dezeen are great jumping off points for aesthetic news. Designklub is more of a design and craft driven blog, which is great because currently i am working a lot with craft in ceramics, and Dezeen is more of an Architectural meeting place.

Also I am doing a lot of digital work and a computer is a big part of my life (not that the world would end if i didnt have one) I look at engadget , TUAW , and the processing website. All of these places lead to other places that i can organize, read rss or atom feeds and keep up to date on whats happening in those fields.

The last few places i go are music websites to keep up to date like pitchfork and metacritic.

But the most important of all is