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Our social contract

We and wolves grew up together. They learned that if they stay close to us they get fed. We developed a symbiotic relationship. We fed the craps to the wolves. They got closer, more domesticated. This relationship developed slowly and trust was built. I don’t think we have this relationship with a lot of the […]

Meet Your Meat

I was surprised to find how much trouble one simple question caused Sarah Agudo in her neighborhood of the Mission District in San Francisco. “Where does your meat come from?” In this era of Portlandia fanaticism of concern for ingredients and preparation, this little question caused panicked anxiousness. I have worked in the industry for […]

More sound Iterations

Sound Creatures from christian mclean on Vimeo.   Ok everybody, finally got the creature wrapped up in its own class, and spawning and dying. Needs a little adjustments, but the next step is to get it working on multiple screens across a space creating an environment for these guys to live. Hop you like. 🙂

New Print from my drawing program

I have been dealing with a visualization of sound for a while. This one here is an image of what an hour at Kofenya, my local coffee shop, looks like. I adapted the pillbug sketch to “record” the sounds of life around me. What is happening here is that about 50 “chains” (stings of drawn […]

Some new stuff

 So I attended the ArtAndCode Symposium at CMU this past weekend. It was awesome, so many great people and new languages to learn. This is a little project that came out of this weekend using the Kieth Peters reach2 example in processing.   So the bugs follow a ball and the strokeweight and length react […]

Some stuff from the closet

Cubes Float Record from christian mclean on Vimeo Ok, so I admit that this is kinda old but looking back it is an important piece for me, not only in a technical sense, because it allowed me to think about why and how I build art (digitally/ceramically). What this piece does is takes two recordings, […]

The Economic Value of Artists

After reading a guest post on by  Amrita Chandra titled “What Artists Can Teach Everyone About Social Media”. I started thinking about how/why artists are important. I came to the conclusion that good artists will always be willing to try the “new” things, be it technology or a breaking topic that needs to be discussed […]

A needed resource

After reading this post I realized that the business I had thought of long ago is a good one. A few years back I came up with this idea of a business (ScapeGoat Inc.) where a boss could hire a person to come in to the office and they could vent to this person […]

New Length Measurement standard

I am writing a paper today, and I obsessively keep checking the word count and character count. I do this mostly because the paper has to be a certain length (1500 words if you care). As I was doing this I started to think of the idea of the length of a conversation and using […]