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A funny thing happened to me the other wednesday, when i was laying around on my couch watching tv on hulu. I realized how much of consumers we are, especially in this country, and when people think of consumption they usually refer to things you can buy, but when i say it it is anything that you use, that you consume; tv, air, food, community etc.. I often wonder if my balance sheet for consuming and ,i guess for lack of a better term now, distributing is ever balanced. Are the things that i take form this world equal to the things that i give back?? Maybe its not taking and giving the same thing, but if there was a way to gauge how that meter globally was looking like then maybe we would have a lot of the problems that we have. I think the first step is to get away from such a me-centric society in the here United States, and look at how choices affect everybody.

Little bit of inspiration.

We all have our morning routines, Mine starts out with COFFEE because without coffee i am useless. After the caffeine kicks in i usually make a round of my favorite blogs and news site to see whats going on in the world. I hit some of the big ones like and and the, and if i had tv i would watch FOX news, just so that way i could be fair and balanced, but i also check out more individually interesting sites.

For Instance designklub and dezeen are great jumping off points for aesthetic news. Designklub is more of a design and craft driven blog, which is great because currently i am working a lot with craft in ceramics, and Dezeen is more of an Architectural meeting place.

Also I am doing a lot of digital work and a computer is a big part of my life (not that the world would end if i didnt have one) I look at engadget , TUAW , and the processing website. All of these places lead to other places that i can organize, read rss or atom feeds and keep up to date on whats happening in those fields.

The last few places i go are music websites to keep up to date like pitchfork and metacritic.

But the most important of all is


A sketchbook for the 21st century.

Keeping a sketch book for me has always been a problem, because of the way I process information. Usually when i learn something I tie it to something else and thereby building a web of experiences, that all correlate an build on each other. The linearity of an old sketch book tends to separate thoughts instead of unifying them. There is no way of keeping a current dynamic log of events and things that you have seen and read. This is why I use a computer to keep ideas together, because i can always search through stuff to find it, spending less time organizing things and more time producing. Especially with what I do, I need a dynamic way of tagging things and keeping a constant flow of ideas.


Vitamain D will rot your brain

Ok, the title is a little harsh but that’s pretty much what I thought about this article when I read it. It starts out with broad assumptions/generalizations, and especially in this postmodern time that we are in creating those type of generalizations are more often than not WRONG.

What this article did do was open up the idea of drawing to include are more diverse definition of drawing. Instead of defining drawing as a skill the article was talking about how drawing was a state of being/finding where you are in the universe. This little pearl of wisdom became interesting because it removed drawing from a rigorous process of paper and drawing utensil. It allows an idea to take precedence over the specific process.

When we limit ourselves to living by rigorous rules of process within a certain discipline we lose the ability to see the forest from the trees. Experimentation and disregard for the modernist interpretations of materials and processes is where we are at, and drawing helped us get there. Because without the ability to draw, again when I say draw I am not referring to pencil/charcoal/ink and paper but a broader sense of using tools to figure out where a specific person is in the universe, we would have never arrived at many of the destinations we are at now. I doubt even this blog.


Why I did this


Inn this drawing class I am taking right now we have to keep a journal for all theses readings, and being the efficient and environmentally conscious person I am I decided to start a blog to keep track of these responses ergo reducing the amount of wasted paper and sharing my opinion with as many people as possible as soon as possible.