Our social contract

We and wolves grew up together. They learned that if they stay close to us they get fed. We developed a symbiotic relationship. We fed the craps to the wolves. They got closer, more domesticated. This relationship developed slowly and trust was built. I don’t think we have this relationship with a lot of the […]

Alone time

I’ve spent most of my life alone. That’s not to say I’m a shut in. I find any excuse to go out in public and maybe have a chance encounter. What I mean by this is I don’t really have any close friends, and am not especially good at generally meeting people. I spent a […]

We Were Promised…

clean water, safe food, flying cars, technology would solve all of our problems, jobs, education, retirement, house, white picket fence, car, mobility, love, healthcare, disneyland, wife/husband, kids, happiness, and all we got was THE INTERNET.

Meet Your Meat

I was surprised to find how much trouble one simple question caused Sarah Agudo in her neighborhood of the Mission District in San Francisco. “Where does your meat come from?” In this era of Portlandia fanaticism of concern for ingredients and preparation, this little question caused panicked anxiousness. I have worked in the industry for […]

Why you should hire me. NOW!

I have a BFA. Everyone is saying that an MFA is the new MBA. They are partially correct. I didn’t start out as an art student, mathematics came first. Mathematics have me a way to look at the world in certain terms. It’s what I love about it. Theoretically is you knew all of the […]

The Last Time.

I have never been terribly attached to material things in my adult life, just a few things. My blankey, which used to belong to my uncle until I inherited it at age four and hope to pass on to my child someday. My first watch that I bought in high school for $400 because my […]

What Once was Normal

I grew up in one of the most midwest of midwest towns. Dayton, Ohio. I never used to think twice about hopping in the car for twenty minutes or so and going somewhere that was the routine. It’s one of those things that had been ingrained in my perception of reality. That’s what everyone did, […]

What are you looking forward to in the new year?

Its the new year, we have just been through the holiday season where a lot of us took liberties to slothfully lay about. (don’t feel bad I did it too.) But now it’s the first blogoff of 2012, and lets face it we only have about 4 left before the world ends. Anyway, what am […]


Thumbtacks are what hold ideas together on a designer/artist’s note board. For some reason when I am venturing into a new body of work, nowadays that includes building a menu or just gathering ideas about food, I need a space to just let ideas hang out and be visible. Thumbtacks are really the only tool […]